Who we are:

eyewitness is a News Media Company

Our Vision:

To be the People's Media Across the Globe

Our Mission:

To Inform, Educate, and Engage Empower

Our Core Values:

- Excellence:To Inform, Educate, and Engage Empower
- IntegrityKeep to our words
- Respect:Treat people with respect
- QualityMeeting specification and goals
- Possibility:Nothing is impossible
- CollaborationTeam work is how we work
- Excellence:To Inform, Educate, and Engage Empower
- Innovation:Creativity and Invention are the way we lead the game.


    • > Be credible and a dependable source
    • > Be engaging
    • > Give the people the voice
    • > Be locally and globally relevant to our audience’s needs.
    • > Cover the globe – nobody left out
    • > Be more than an information platform; be a platform for communicating the people’s will
    • > Serve the world

For What Purpose

To provide a platform for the voice and will of the people to be expressed globally.


Have a Global coverage with 500,000 workers across the globe by the year 2023

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